Procrastination Station at the University of Unemployment. Blog post 2

I know I vowed to myself that I would write a blog post daily yet on the first day I managed to procrastinate so well that I only finished my assignment that was due for today at 12:30 AM.

So I have known for months that on the 8th of May I have a marketing assignment due, I’m not the biggest marketing fan but that’s besides the point it needs to be handed in on the 8th of May. On Wednesday the 3rd I wrote in my diary “START MARKETING” but I thought naaaaah I wrote economics test and had my doctor’s appointment I deserve a break, I’ll start tomorrow. The next day I wasn’t feeling the marketing vibe so I set aside time to get it done in the library at Varsity. So on Friday the 5th of May I sat in the library and mentally started this assignment, which means I read through it 4000 time and wrote two paragraphs, that was my friday. the goal was to submit it by friday night, it’s safe to say that did not happen so I vowed saturday would be the night.

Saturday rolls around I decide to sleep in, why not I deserve it and I love sleep. I spend the majority of the day digging myself in a YouTube hole. At about 4pm I realise my plan of submitting this here assignment was not about to happen. Instead I finally finish setting up this blog, yes I know is a product of procrastination. I promise myself come hell or high water this damn excuse of an assignment will be completed on Sunday, well I didn’t really have a choice it had to be.

I wake up on Sunday morning after sleeping in because ya know why not?  After slowly make my way downstairs  and have breakfast, shower and generally start feeling slightly more human. I plan my day so that there is time to do some practise driving and to go to the gym. Finally I sit myself down and start while simultaneously checking various social media accounts. Before I know it my Dad comes and tells me it’s time to got for a drive, It’s 2:30. At this point I have finished the first 20 mark question out of the possible 100 marks. Approximately 2 hours later I arrive home and start tackling this ASSignment, 20 minutes and 5 marks later I’m informed that if I want to go to gym it’s now or never of course I choose now.  A run, stretch class and steam room later I finally get home have dinner and frantically start attacking my keyboard.I started at 8:30 PM on Sunday night and finished at 12:30 AM on monday morning, the day it was due.

I’m currently sitting in the library waiting for my Turn-it-in report and see a few students with their marketing text books out and a crazy look in their eyes. At least I’m not the worst, I say this justifying my actions and forget the frenzy of the last 24 hours.

More later, over and out.


Author: triumphsandturmoils

A twenty something Capetonian

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